We perform all types of construction: construction, renovation, reconstruction. Building with all known conventional building materials in the market.

Works on site are classified in several different categories.


- Marking
- Removing humus
- Excavation of the soil
- Disposal of excavated soil
- Filling up of sand and tamping
- Backfill excavation with soil compaction
- Application of compost and planting earth surface

Reinforced concrete works

- Production and installation of valves
- Concrete foundations
- Reinforced concrete slab
- AB Concrete pillars
- Concrete walls AB
- Concreting AB lintel
- Concreting of reinforced concrete ring beams and wreathes
- AB Concrete stairs
- Concrete pieces AB plate
- Roof panels


- Creating a single-skin, retaining walls, canals
- Development of a double-sided formwork, foundations and walls
- Development of a three-sided formwork, lintels, slabs and stairs
- Production of four-sided or circular formwork, poles
- Stripping
- Production of all types of roof structures, roofing

Hydro - insulation works

- Development of horizontal insulation, floors, ceilings, roofs
- Production of vertical insulation, walls, columns, stairs Masonry
- Raising walls full brick, partition and load-bearing walls
- Raising walls of brick block, P + partition and load-bearing walls
- Raising walls facade brick, masonry walls aerated
- Masonry chimneys and vents.
- Setting up of internal and external screeds Insulation works
- Heat insulation, walls, ceilings, floors and roofs
- Sound insulation, walls, ceilings, floors and roofs Wiring Service
- Design and installation of installations and weak currents plumbing
- Set the inlet and outlet pipes, water supply connection Window construction
- Design and installation of window construction, wood, wood-aluminum, pvc rendering
- Plastering the external walls
- Plastering interior walls
- Mortar on the ceiling
- Plastering columns, beams and lintels

Ceramic works

- Installation of flooring and wall ceramic
- Equipping the bathroom, setting the main restroom

Parquet - setting floor works
- Installing laminate flooring, laminate flooring, PVC flooring Building completion
- Joinery
- Locksmith
- Plumbing works
- Suspended ceilings
- Plaster works (plaster work)
- Painting and painting works

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Some of the recent works can be viewed on the photos below:

Location: Ušivak Hadžići House 4

Location: Ušivak 2 Musići

Location: Igmanska Hadžici

Location: Luke2 House H7

Location: Luke2 House H14